UAVenture Capital Fund, LLC or UAVC, is a Tucson based investment fund designed specifically to help finance University of Arizona connected enterprises including the commercialization of faculty led innovation originating at the University of Arizona.


Our Mission

The fund provides early stage capital to companies where the science or service array was pioneered by faculty members, students and/or colleagues at the University of Arizona, one of the top research universities in the world.



While the UofA was founded in 1885, the commercialization effort was only launched in 2012.  The University of Arizona is classified as a Carnegie Foundation RU/VH research institution, the top tier of research designations.  In 2016 the UofA maintained research grants equal to $606,000,000, including the most NASA grants of any university.  Since 2012 Tech Launch Arizona (TLA) has launched 45 start-up companies and filed 909 patents.  In September 2017, the TLA launched medication management company SinfoníaRx, Inc. sold to a public company. The founders launched UAVENTURE CAPITAL FUND ONE days after the SinfoniaRx sale closed.



The UofA pipeline has many companies with similar potential, searching for startup and operating capital.  The Fund will also invest in University of Arizona connected ventures run by students, alumni, researchers or contractors. Fund investment will also be available to UA leadership to assist in the recruitment of faculty or research talent that has an existing company launch in need of capital.