Formed by UofA engineering graduates and faculty, Codelucida has developed error-correction technology that can enable cheaper, high-capacity, high-performance solid state drives for consumer and data center storage. Dr. Shiva Planjery, Dr. Bane Vasic and Dr. David Declercq are the founding team behind what could be one of the most enabling technologies in the semiconductor space.

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Dr. Rajesh Khanna, a UofA pharmacologist, and his team have invented a powerful non-opioid/non-addictive pain killer. The compound, invented in Tucson at a UofA lab, has performed well in animals and Dr. Khanna will now work toward human trials and FDA approval.

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Eller College graduate Jarret Hamstreet and team have invented a disruptive application for semi-truck shipping.  The company has automated the process of identifying and locating an available hauler and then matches them to a shipper, eliminating dead head truck hauls and increasing shipping resources and efficiencies.

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SinfoniaRx was the first spin out from the University of Arizona, ultimately selling to the public company Tabula Rasa Heathcare (NASDAQ: TRHC). The transaction was selected as the 2017 Deal of the Year by the Association for Corporate Growth - Arizona Chapter.

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Qwick connects hospitality businesses to dependable, reliable and highly rated workers in real-time. Qwick has developed a technology platform which allows hotels and restaurants to locate temporary staff instantly by posting an open shift.

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