The Ronstadt House

Built in 1904 by one of Tucson’s pioneer families, The Ronstadt House is the sixth historic Tucson property occupied and re-purposed by Fletcher McCusker and his colleagues.  The House has been nominated for recognition by the National Register of Historic Places.

The House was designed and built by Tucson architect Henry C. Trost for Fredrick Ronstadt, a Tucson pioneer, wagon maker, hardware company owner, and Tucson’s first automobile dealer.  Frederick’s father was a Mexican Army Colonel who brought his family to Tucson in 1882, just before the railroad connected the cavalry outpost of Tucson to the world. Linda Ronstadt’s father, Gilbert, was born in the house at 607 North Sixth Avenue, one of the early Victorian mansions built nearby Tucson’s new railroad.

The home and grounds have been lovingly restored and the walls are filled with original art from Arizona artists collected by The McCusker Trust.

Fletcher’s first preservation effort in Tucson’s downtown core began in 2010 when his company restored and occupied the Dodge Brothers Truck Warehouse on the corner of Broadway and Scott.  The building  has received the Tucson Historical Society’s annual preservation award. Shortly thereafter, his company renovated and occupied the abandoned Federal Court Annex on Broadway. In 2013, Fletcher and his team restored the turn of century produce Warehouse at the corner of Stone and Toole, which then housed the corporate offices of his company SinfoniaRx.  Currently, Fletcher and his family live in a 1934 Merritt Starkweather home.  He is also involved with the preservation of several historic properties along The Sunshine Mile section of the Broadway Corridor.